Tableware Trends

While making fancy meals and preparing fancy tables has left its place to ready meals in this fast-moving age, the vegetables and fruits we use in the kitchen have changed with the return to nature in the name of healthy living, and when the use of organic products came to the fore, the products you cook began to be preferred to be more natural.

It is a growing trend to serve delicious and fragrant dishes with the products they are cooked with. For this, pots and pans that will look beautiful and stylish on the table are preferred. The fact that enamel is antibacterial has brought enamel-coated cooking products to the forefront. Cast iron, which is a natural product that saves energy, does not compromise on taste and health, and is also enameled, is highly preferred in this period.

Adding a little color to tables dominated by natural colors and making awareness with this is one of the trends of this year. As “A touch of color”, colorful cast iron pots take their place on the tables where the whole table is covered in natural colors and only a striking color stands out.

Wooden products that will add warmth to the warmth of being together at the table in this period when everyone is confined to their homes due to the pandemic and enjoy eating at home have already started to take their place on the tables.

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