Since iron is a mineral obtained from nature, every cast iron product is natural in nature. Cast iron products whose inner surface is coated with enamel provide high ease of use. Enamel is the glass lining that prevents acidic vegetables and fruits from rusting on iron, and it is healthy. The feature that makes cast iron products an important part of the kitchen is that they spread the heat evenly across the bottom of the pot or pan in a short time and the food cooked in this way is much more delicious. Its ability to spread heat in a short time brings taste and energy saving. You can cook healthily in cast iron pots. Since all vegetables and meat are cooked in their own juices and technically steam release is at a minimum, you preserve all the vitamins and minerals of the meals you cook. Voeux cast iron products are the most stylish pieces for a healthy kitchen life. The taste of meat is different in cast iron pans. The meat, sealed in an evenly heated pan, retains all its flavor and offers a wonderful taste experience. The favorite of the culinary culture that the French do not compromise on is cast iron pots and pans. For the French, who do not mind the fast pace of life, eating is still a feast shared with their families and loved ones.

Unlike many different brands, with Voeux Döküm products produced from 100% ore iron, you will have high quality, as well as durable cast pots and pans that you can easily pass on to the next generations. Voeux products, colored with 4 layers of non-carcinogenic bright paint, accompany you in your kitchen for a long time without losing their color vibrancy. Its specially designed cover has elegance on the outside and droplet technology on the inside. With this technology, which allows the steam of the cooked food to return to the food, you can cook meals that do not lose any vitamins and minerals. You can use Voeux pots and pans, which are resistant to high heat, on the stove or in the oven. You can use Voeux products for many different types of dishes, from bread to yoghurt making. It is even possible to make desserts in your Voeux pan. You can enjoy grilling even by yourself with Voeux pans, which are indispensable for breakfasts. You can keep food hot on your table for a long time with Voeux pans, which you can have with their stylish trivets. These are just a few reasons we can think of to choose Voeux for your kitchen today. It’s up to you to discover all the flavors.

You can buy Voeux products from different online channels other than You can easily purchase products without paying shipping costs for your purchases over 300 TL. With the French in your kitchen, you can cook delicious and healthy meals and easily bring them to the table and serve them warmly and elegantly.

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Your Voeux cast iron products, produced from 100% ore iron, are coated with enamel (thin glass layer) to extend the life of your product. Cast iron products produced from ore iron allow your meals to be cooked without losing their nutritional value due to their structure.

Julien Martin, who has been in the food and beverage industry for a long time as a restaurant owner, set out on a journey in 2019 with the dream of turning the pleasure of cooking and eating into a brand with his 2 friends. They started their research on cast iron pots and pans, the favorites of French cuisine, by producing high quality and affordable products. In 2021, Voeux became a kitchen brand as Voeux Kitchenware, with the addition of cast iron pots and pans, as well as products that you can use in the kitchen and at the table.

Voeux cast iron products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. During the production process of the products, their compliance with quality and health standards is constantly controlled. Voeux products have been tested for compliance with quality standards on international and domestic platforms. Below you can find the quality control documents of Voeux products: FOOD CONTACT İNTERTEK PEMCO Brugge BVBA OHSAS 18001 FQC ISO 9001:2008 FQC ISO 14001: 2004 Szutest Certicate ISO 9001:2008

Thanks to the 100% natural cast iron structure of Voeux cast iron products, it distributes the heat equally to the entire product base, can reach high temperatures in a short time, and keeps the food you bring to your table hot thanks to its delayed cooling feature. With the droplet technology in the specially designed Voeux pot lid, it ensures that vitamins and minerals remain in the food while cooking, in addition to the aromas and flavors that evaporate.

Voeux, our iron casting products, produced from 100% ore iron, not only contribute to energy saving while being used, but also can be recycled because they are produced from natural minerals.

Since Voeux cast iron products are enamel coated, you do not need to apply any seasoning process. When you remove the stains caused by acidic vegetables or different spices that you cook from time to time, by applying oil and allowing it to dry, your product will be renewed.

Voeux cast iron products, made of ore iron, are designed to cook your meals at equal temperatures, as the iron spreads its own heat evenly throughout the entire area. Apart from this, the thick base of the product ensures that it absorbs the heat correctly and distributes it equally to all parts of your product. Therefore, a quality cast iron product must be heavy. WHAT IS THE SUITABILITY OF VOEUX PRODUCTS? You can use Voeux cast iron products on new generation induction cooktops with peace of mind. They can also be used easily on gas, electric, radio, ceramic stoves and barbecues. All pots, pans and dishes have the ability to go into the oven. You can use the pots with lids in the oven at a maximum temperature of 260C/500F. You can safely use your pots, pans and pans without lids at temperatures up to 482C/900F.

Your Voeux cast iron products can be sent as a gift package. You can contact us for the gift package option.

Voeux cast iron products can be washed in the dishwasher. Make sure that Voeux products that go into the dishwasher are not likely to hit other products. Check that the products coming out of the dishwasher are completely dry. If they are not dry, do not store them without drying them completely. You can also clean Voeux cast iron products in warm water with dishwashing detergent and a sponge. Since it is enamel coated, the dishwashing liquid will not be absorbed by the cast iron. For more information, we recommend that you read the user manual that comes with Voeux product boxes in detail.

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